Handicraft Villages

Gia Thuy Pottery Village

Thursday, 22/02/2018

Gia Thuy Commune, Nho Quan Town is famous for a traditional pottery village lasting for more than 50 years up until now.

Kim Son sedge mat village

Thursday, 22/02/2018

Kim Son sedge mat village is located near Phat Diem Cathedral at Kim Son District. The sedge has been grown in Kim Son for around two centuries

Bo Bat Pottery Village

Thursday, 22/02/2018

Ancient Bo Bat Pottery Village is now Bach Lien Village, Yen Thanh Commune, Yen Mo District

Phuc Loc carpenter village

Monday, 22/05/2017

Phuc Loc carpenter village located in Ninh Phong Ward, Ninh Binh City is a well-known village specializing in producing household and handicraft wooden products

Van Lam Embroidery Village

Monday, 22/05/2017

Van Lam hamlet has been famous all over the country for its lace embroidery. It is said that this is the land of lace embroidery.

Ninh Van stone carving village

Saturday, 03/12/2016

Ninh Van stone carving village belongs to Xuan Vu Village, Ninh Van Commune, Hoa Lu District and is a unique and renowned stone sculpture village to both provincial and non-provincial tourists